College Union 2022-2023

AKHIL K P Chairman
VRINDA K Vice Chairman
AHINESWARI M K Joint Secretary
AZIM ALI P Secretary, Fine Arts
ARUN KRISHNAN R A Chief Student Editor Of The College Magazine
REUBEN CHACKO JOHN General Captain(Sports & Games)
NANDHU S AMBADY University Union Councilors
JYOTHINATH T H Association Secretary - ECE
MOHAMMED FAZIL K Association Secretary - EEE
AKASH T K Association Secretary - ME
MUHAMMED MUZAMMIL K Association Secretary - IT
ARUN MOHAN Association Secretary - PT
FARSEEN T First Year Representative
SAGAR SUNNY second Year Representative
K AMAL RAM Third Year Representative
AKSHAY E S Fourth Year Representative

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  • Thenhipalam - 67 36 36
  • Kerala
  • Email:
  • Phone: 0494 - 240 02 23
  • Mob: 9188400223

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