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The Department of Science and Humanities is the gateway of Engineering Education.Since the science and humanities subjects are foundation subjects for all the branches of engineering technology Department of Science and Humanities imparts to build a firm base as part of the Engineering Education .The S&H Department plays a vital role in teaching basic science courses as prescribed by the curriculum of the university in I,II,III & IV year of B.Tech.Faculty members perform the role of a perfect facilitator as Mentor to each section.The methodology adopted in the classroom teaching is based on the application of innovative strategies ,comprehensive lectures ,regular assignments and active interaction between teachers and students.The purpose of including the subjects of sciences & humanities in Engineering study is to lay a solid foundation of basic concepts for innovative future with limitless opportunities. Therefore ,the department acts as an active catalyst to develop a perfect approach to unlock their hidden talent ,personality and communication skills to fulfill the needs of young engineers.


The department mission is to provide the students with an excellent background in the fundementals of science and humanities ,to facilitate a comprehencive development of their technical and professional competencies.


The department has a distinct vision to nurture and inculcate knowledge and understanding of engineering sciences amongst the budding technocrats and groom the students with intellectual and professional strength with the holistic development of the students as its prime focus.

Profile of Science & Humanities

The department of Sciences and Humanities is a unique combination of different disciplines of thought like Languages, Management Studies, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Environmental Studies and Physical Education and it becomes the prime option for any engineering discipline. It also includes interdisciplinary branches of Engineering like Drawing and Workshop Training. The Department aims at imparting the essential fundamental knowledge in Mathematics, Physics and Communicative English for every engineering student for a successful career. The department deals with first year students of engineering the faculty concentrates on creative learning and expression. The Department, apart from Drawing, Workshop Training and English competence, it is also focusing on curricular activities, and trains the students for competitive examinations with an emphasis on quantitative Aptitude, Group Discussions, GRE, TOEFL and GATE etc. ultimately to help the students more communicative in different languages for their smart performance in this cut throat competitive world.

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