The Institute Campus

The Institute campus has an extensive area of 10 ha. (25.17 acres). The necessary infrastructure facilities like water supply, hostels, canteen and play grounds are available in the campus. The Honourable Vice-Chancellor, the Governing Body of CUIET and the Syndicate of the University take special care in bringing up and developing the Institute to a centre of excellence in the field of Engineering Education, Research and consultancy.



The CUIET Library, is. primarily concerned with the conservation and dissemination of books. It has a collection of above seventeen thousand books and subscribes to 218 JournalsProject Reports, Seminar Reports and 8 Newspapers. Library follows the Anglo American cataloguing Rules II (with slight modifications) for Cataloguing and Dewey Decimal Scheme of Classification for the classification of books.


All library services like acquisition, cataloguing, issue, return, renewal; catalogue search (On-Line Public Access Catalogue) has been fully computerized with help of bar-code facility. A Digital library has been established inLibrary premises with effective e-Iearning materials, e-database, e-journals, e-books etc. It can be accessed from in the library 10AM to 4pm.The library functions from 8 am to 8 pm except on Sundays and Public holidays.



Institute provide bus transport to facilitate commuting with in campus. There are two regular buses and two other institute vehicles. These buses ply to and fro, every morning and evening during working days. About 95% of college students, mainly the day scholars depends on college bus fortheir daily transportation. The bus covers the whole Calicut city, also extending its transpot to neighbouring cities like Ramanattukara, Feroke etc.



The campus has a food joint, frequented more perhaps by hostelites looking for a change from hostel grub than the occasional visitor. The Campus Cafe is open from 8.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M. on all week days including Saturdays and sundays. A wide variety of South Indian and North Indian dishes are available. During lunch time Meals are available at very nominal rates.



The University has play grounds and a well equipped gymnasium. The Department of Physical Education of the University offers Graduate and P.G. courses in Physical Education.

In addition to all this, the Institute has earmarked areas for separate playgrounds inside the Institute campus itself. These will become operational shortly.



Limited hostel facilities for both men and women are available in the Institute. Room will be allotted to the students of the Institute as per the available vacancies& policies decided by the Administration from time to time. Private Lodging facilities are available near the College campus. Lodging facilities by private entrepreneurs are available near the college campus.


Medical And Other Facilities

Medical care is offered to students by the University at its own Health Centre in the Campus. Medical Officers, qualified nursing and Para medical staff look after the health needs of the campus residents. State Bank of India is offering banking service in the campus with ATM facility. There is a Post and Telegraph Office with speed post facilities inside the University Campus. Institute has a registered store, run by the PTA in the campus to meet the requirement of students and staff at a reasonable price. In addition, three Co-operative stores are functioning inside the campus. Apart from the canteen of the institute, other canteen facility is also available in the University Campus.

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