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📌 What is hackclub ?🤔🤔

  • Hackclub is a non-profit network of coding clubs based in San francisco, CA. Their effort is turning code into a superpower - turning young learners from consumers of technology to creators. The goal of the Hackclub is to help interested individuals in becoming a hacker. Hackclubs attend and run hackathons, summer programs like Hack camp and compete in events

📌 Why would you join?🧐🌼

Most coding classes teach you programming concepts instead of how to write real code—it’s like trying to learn carpentry without any wood. So at Hack Club, you learn to code entirely through building things. You start with no experience and build and ship a project every meeting.
Just as the best carpenters didn’t learn in the classroom, neither did the best programmers. Through our workshops, you’ll be walked through building projects. Starting out, you won’t understand how the code works, but you’ll build understanding as you go. You’ll get stuck along the way, but we’re here to help.
We want a space at IET where people are making interesting things with code, every week. colleges don’t provide that, so we’re creating it in our college to make building things accessible to everyone. 🌸🌼

We’re artists💃🏼🕺🏽, writers✍️, engineers👩‍🔬, tinkerers🤔, campers⛺, filmmakers🎥, volunteers⚡. We make things. We help one another. We have fun.🥳

Join the movement!✌🏽🌼

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