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Lab Exam Schedule - IT09 708(P) Computer Graphics And Multimedia Lab
Lab Exam Schedule - : : IT09 707(P) Networks Lab
Lab Exam Schedule - : : IT09 508(P) Hardware Lab
Lab Exam Schedule - : IT09 507(P) Systems Lab
Lab Exam Schedule - EE09 408(P) Electrical Measurements And Instrumentation Lab
Lab Exam Schedule - EC09 707 (P) Communication Systems Lab & EC09 708(P) VLSI Design Lab
Lab Exam Schedule - IT09 707 (P) Network Programming Lab & IT09 708(P) Computer Graphics and Multimedia Lab
External Lab Exam Schedule - ME09 708 (P) Instrumentation Lab
External Lab Exam Schedule - ME09 707(P) CAD LAB
External Lab Exam Schedule - Viva Voce ME09 807( P )
EE09 807( P ) Viva Voce
8th Semester Seminar Supplementary Examination Schedule (2009 admission)
Final Review of Main Project (Phase 1)
Internal Lab Exam: ME09 708(P) Instrumentation Lab
Internal Lab Exam: ME09 707(P) CAD Lab
EE09 708(P) Advanced Electrical Engg. Lab
EE09 707(P) Power Electronics Lab
ME09 707(P) CAD Lab
EE04 806(P) System Simulation Lab
EE14 407(P) Mechanical Engg. Lab
PT09 807(P) Viva Voce Schedule
EE14 408(P) Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation Lab
IT14 407(P) Data Structure Lab
IT14 408(P) Programming Environment Lab
EE09 607(P) Electrical Machines Lab II
EE14 407(P) Mechanical Engineering Lab
EE09 607(P) Electrical Machines Lab II
ME09 607(P) Mini Project / Lab & ME09 608(P) Thermal Lab-II
IT09 807(P) Viva Voce Schedule
EE09 807(P) Viva Voce Schedule
EC09 807(P) Viva Voce Schedule
ME09 807(P) Viva Voce Schedule
IT09 109(P) Programming in C
EC04 706(P)- Digital Communication Laboratory
First Year B.Tech Internal Practical Examination, May – 2016
IVth Semester B.Tech (2009 Scheme) Exam April 2015 - Conduct of re examination IT09 402, IT09 405 & IT09 406
EC04 507(P) Linear Integrated Circuits Lab
  ME04 507(P) Heat Transfer Lab
  EE04 507(P) Electronics Lab II
  EE09 308(P) Analog Electronics Lab
  EE04 706(P)Advanced Electrical Engineering Lab
  EE04 508(P) Electrical Machines Lab I
EC09 307(P) Digital Electronics Lab(Supplementary)
IT09 307(P) Digital Electronics Lab
ME09 307(P) Electrical Engineering Lab
ME14 308(P) Electrical Technology Lab
First and Second Semester B.Tech Second Series Examination
EE14 307(P) Basic Electrical Engineering Lab Exam
  EE14 308(P) Electronics Lab Exam
  Lab Exam Schedule Of Third & Fifth Semester(Supply) B.Tech Degree Examination
ME09 807 (P) Viva Voce
ME04 607(P) CAD/CAM Lab
IT04 508(P) Hardware Lab
EC 507(P) Linear Integrated Circuits
ME09-608(P) Thermal LAB II Exam Schedules(Internal and External)
  III Semester B-Tech Degree Supplimentary Examination
  III Semester B-Tech Degree Supplimentary Examination Jan-2015
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